Contemporary and Hip Hop Classes for Adults

Presented by Guelph Youth Dance

Hip Hop class for Adults with Ashley “Colours” Perez

Contemporary Technique class for Adults with Janet Johnson

Dance is challenging!

Dance is exhilarating!

Dance is fun!

There are times when you might feel silly and times when you feel you are on top of the world!

Our new Adult Dance classes are geared to our GYD parents who want to be part of what their children do every day.  Adults who want to be physical, creative, meet new people and learn new skills.

Yes, you might feel a bit scared, but why not do it anyway so you can experience all the benefits of dance in your life too!!!

Ashley’s Hip Hop classes are super high energy and fun and will teach all kinds of new dance moves that you can bring onto the dance floor.  Janet’s Contemporary classes are non-stop moving to incredible live percussion that will exercise all your muscles including your brain!

You can register by session or try drop ins at any time when spaces are available.  Drop in rate is $18.

You do not need to be a GYD parent to join!  We just want to stress that this is a class to get you in the door to start dancing (perhaps after a long time hiatus). No special skills required, you just need to be brave enough to sign up!  Click on the above links to register.