Groovy Movement


Gina Giammarco

I'm super excited to let you all know about my upcoming fall schedule. I'm reaching out to students past and present to update you on where my teaching and learning has taken me thus far and why I am eager to share it with all of you!

 I started down this road over 15 years ago to keep my body strong and in good working order for the physically challenging service industry profession I worked in.  I may have served a lot of you a beverage or a tasty meal somewhere along the way too;-)
Swimming, walking, bike riding and discovering yoga (thank you, Jayelle), changed everything. I quickly discovered that I enjoyed my work and life outside of work much more when my body moved with ease. Sharing this observation started me off on an incredible journey of certications in yoga as well as becoming certified in both pre/post rehab and biomechanics Pilates.

Inspiring strong, graceful alignment in the body and moving with ease is at the root of my teaching.  With that as my intention, I explore as many methods of body movement as I can discover and apply.  (A major shout out to Sue Nash, Mary Baxter, Caterina Von Radecki, Janet Johnson and the countless teachers who have and will continue to inspire me!)

My interpretaion of this knowledge has left me with the challenge of what to call my classes.  This summer's session was called "Groovy Movement". Even with a somewhat confusing, unclear title like that, fabulous bodies came to class to move groovily with me.  These lovelies, feeling the groove and the desire to share the vibe, invited friends and neighbours and our numbers grew.  

My classes have evolved into a blend of yoga, Pilates, fascial release, biomechanics and structural alignment.  I teach bodies to move well for all of the activities of day to day living. Whether that activity is running a marathon injury-free or getting your groceries out of the trunk of your car effortlessly, I'm interested in teaching bodies how to move well. Sitting, standing, one-sided and/or repetetive movements take their toll.  And none of us are getting any younger:-(  

The real drag is when aches, pains and stiffness set in.  Quality of life becomes affected and movements are compromised.  The prognosis over the longterm, if left unchecked, is not a pretty one.

My offer: try a class for free!