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Kung Fu


Robin Young

I began learning traditional Chinese Martial Arts (Lor's Hung Kuen Kung Fu) in Toronto's original Chinatown in 1968 and have been teaching since the late 1970's. I began teaching in Guelph in 1994. I have demonstrated Lor's Hung Kuen Kung Fu in China, the United States, the Philippine Islands, as well as Canada. 

Lor's Hung Kuen Kung Fu focuses on strong stances, circular movement and dynamic combative expression. We practice both empty hand as well as ancient Chinese weapon routines. We frequently perform martial arts as well as the Chinese "Fut Shan" Lion Dance in Guelph and surrounding areas for multicultural and dance festivals, business openings and Chinese cultural celebrations. 

In my classes, you will learn traditional approaches to Chinese Martial Arts as well as modern application of the concepts and techniques. People join my class for fitness, physical expression, cultural experience and practical self-defence.

Kung Fu classes are Monday and Wednesdays from 8:00-9:30pm


Facebook: Guelph Jing Mo